Small : 8 x 8 cm, dim 6 cm Or [3 1/8" x 3 1/8", dim 2 3/8"]Medium : 10 x 9 cm, dim 8 cm Or [4" x 3 5/8", dim 3 1/8"] Large : 16 x 10 cm, dim 11 cm Or [6 1/4" x 4", dim 4 3/8"]
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About Our Services

At Kaivalya we make only high quality jewellery pouches, the kind that you will be proud to present to your clients.

All of our products can be customized and tailored to meet your exact needs and requirements. We provide one on one customer service and will create for you the pouches you want. We also offer custom design for commercial & retail merchandise.

Upon request our fabric & colour swatch booklet samples can be purchased for the cost of the international shipping. For more information regarding a customized order,
please contact us.

We guarantee our pouches are top quality and customer satisfaction.

Satin  |  Ultra Suede  |  Shimmering Taffeta  |  Shantung  |  Batik  |  Velvet  |  Genuine Suede & Silk
All of Kaivalya's Luxury Pouches and Jewellery Bags are handmade on-site, where we meticulously check the fabric, sewing and bag construction. We guarantee quality wholesale products.

The Luxury Pouch examples below are available for purchase as ready stock with a low minimum of only 100 pouches. Colourway and sizes may be divided to make up a minimum order.

With a minimum order, we have a personalized service offering customized: branding, fabric colourway & custom design. We will give that little extra, to help you get what you want!

The Luxury Pouch, Shimmering Taffeta with 8 internal pockets

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Shimmering Taffeta
Dark Emerald & Gold shimmer
Luxury Pouch in Shimmering Taffeta
Turquoise & Lime-green shimmer
Shimmering Taffeta
Cherry & Cotton candy pink shimmer
Luxury Pouch in Shimmering Taffeta
Red, Azure shimmer & Peacock Teal
Shimmering Taffeta
Sunset & Garnet shimmer
Luxury Pouch in Shimmering Taffeta
Black & Black Gold shimmer
Shimmering Taffeta
Tangerine gold shimmer & gold
Luxury Pouch in Shimmering Taffeta
Baby Blue & Coco shimmer
Shimmering Taffeta
Fandango & Rose -Azure shimmer
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The Luxury Pouch is the perfect place to keep your precious pieces of jewelry and your most cherished treasures! The perfect jewelry bag, travel pouch or simply an evening bag.

Deliciously feminine and soft! Kaivalya’s, Luxury Pouch is a unique, unrivaled timeless design using quality fabrics and high production standards. For over 19 years we have been producing fine quality jewelry bags and Jewelry pouches.

For Merchants: Our Luxury Pouch, Jewelry Bags are a top seller with all our high profile and boutique retailers! The Luxury Pouch as a stand-alone item adds to any showroom. Each jewelry pouch radiates quality, adds texture to displays, can be dotted around to add colour and fun to boutiques and jewelry display.

Clients feed back over the years have been very positive. Whether purchasing the Luxury Pouch as a retail item or corporate merchandising, not only are we complimented for the quality of the pouches but we also get lots of feedback on the usefulness these gorgeous pouches.
Our clients are delighted that their customers rave about them!: see testimonials

The Luxury Pouch is a perfect gift on its own or with something beautiful hidden inside for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Weddings, Graduations and Birthdays.

Small     :
8 x 8 cm, dim 6 cm
[3 1/8" x 3 1/8", dim 2 3/8"]
Medium :
10 x 9 cm, dim 8 cm
[4" x 3 5/8", dim 3 1/8"]
Large     :
16 x 10 cm, dim 11 cm
[6 1/4" x 4", dim 4 3/8"]